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We have all heard of or even tried intermittent fasting or meditation, with millions attesting through practice, to have experienced immeasurable benefits in their overall health. That is in itself Biohacking. Since ancient times, humans have been seeking do-it-yourself methods and techniques to optimize health, improve performance and complete wellbeing.
As we advance more into the technological era, more opportunities are available for those who desire to go beyond traditional medicine to alleviate health concerns, boost human capabilities or reverse aging, perhaps stopping it all together.

Six Senses Spa Gstaad harmoniously amalgamates Eastern holistic wellbeing philosophies with cutting edge technologies of the 21st century, introducing the Biohacking program starting September 2023.
Our clients, who may be short on time or seem cautious to give Biohacking a go, will be pleased to learn that all our treatments are designed to offer maximum results within minutes.

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