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The Alpina Gstaad has been awarded the Gold certification by EarthCheck – the leading global group for scientific benchmarking, certification and consulting in the field of travel and tourism since 1987. With an unwavering commitment to care of people and planet, The Alpina Gstaad receives as Switzerland’s first company, this coveted Gold certification. Since embarking on this journey to a more holistic approach towards sustainability in 2016, the hotel earned its first Silver certification in 2017. Afterwards, the hosts have undergone a rigorous audit and certification process for five consecutive years.

With environmental and community development at heart since inception, The Alpina Gstaad aspires to be a global platform that engages its visitors with inspiring dialogue of these complex, yet vital issues for the health of the planet. We understand that sustainability is not an achievement, but rather a process that evolved over time. We believe that luxury and sustainability go hand in hand, where we as luxury service providers pledge to conduct fair and sustainable business practices that continue to develop our immediate local community and extends to those who we do business with outside of the Saanenland.

  • Sustainability Policy

    Read our guidelines and statements on Key Areas of Performance towards more impactful sustainability measures



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  • Impact Report

    The data 2022 in relations with our engagement of the last 7 years.

    Report 2022



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  • Wir sind Swisstainable

    A sustainable tourism strategy that was launched in spring 2021 by Switzerland Tourism. The Swisstainable label classifies the efforts of service providers on three levels, with the aim of helping travellers identify their preferred place to stay while in Switzerland. The highest level "leading" requires a proven and holistic commitment to sustainability.



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  • Transparency and accountability

    In cooperation with the network of NOW Force for Good we strive for transparency and accountability within the hotel industry

    Eco & Social Footprint

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  • Special Recognition

    THE TIMES Travel | Best 5 eco-friendly places to stay

    NZZ Bellevue Hotel-Rating “Schön und gut” | N° 1 sustainable 5-star hotel in Switzerland

    ‘Out Now’ certificate | the world’s largest LGBT travel trade association

    Organic Spa Media Wellness Travel Awards | The Alpina Gstaad's Six Senses Spa - Best Transformative Spa

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  • Accessibility

    The OK:GO initiative provides information on our infrastracture and services that may support special needs accessibility.



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EarthCheck is the world’s leading scientific benchmarking, certification and advisory group for travel and tourism. Since 1987, EarthCheck has helped businesses, communities and governments to deliver clean, safe, prosperous and healthy destinations for travellers to visit, live, work and play. EarthCheck understands the value of big ideas and the importance of clear communication, that what can be good for the planet is also good for business.

In 2022, we received the Gold Certificate by EarthCheck. As Switzerland’s first establishment to achieve this, The Alpina Gstaad has been recognized as an organization conducting sustainable practices in its daily operations, following a rigorous annual 5-year auditing process.

2023 Gold Certificate A-CERT-6018-1909

Earth Check