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The Alpina Bees

Beekeeping, also known as Apiology, is an ancient tradition and practice that dates back to 35th Century BC. Keeping honeybees for honey contributes to a healthy environment as these mysterious creatures are responsible for the pollination of crops and plants.

The art of beekeeping requires skill and patience. A successful beekeeper will understand the bee colony balance, seasonal requirements and bee health. The local flora with cold winters and warm summers, such as in the Saanenland, our honeybees produce the most honey in late spring summer.

Bees face several challenges today that are also attributed to by climate change. As pollinators, bees play a vital part in the ecosystem as they support the growth of natural habitats where animals and other creatures can thrive. If bees ceased to exist, most of the animals and insects as we know them today would disappear. Without bees, we would not have food on our plates.

Discover the magic of these hardworking and vital creatures.

More information on our bee workshops.

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