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Six Senses Spa

Tibetan Healing Retreat

09 December 2022 - 12 March 2023

In Tibet there is an esoteric thinking that encompasses all areas of life, believes in wholeness and interdependence of body, mind and nature. Universe in Tibetan tradition is created and consisted by the major five elements of Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Space which together produce the three humors (constitutional types) Wind, Bile and Phlegm.
Health, wealth and spirituality is accomplished by balancing these humors and therefore Body and Mind with proper nourishment, lifestyle, medicine (herbs) and external therapy(treatments).
A typical procedure of a consultation with visual, pulse reading and questioning is taking place to identify your body constitution and suggest the selection for your treatments and lifestyle adjustments.

Is this program right for you?

The three-day, four-night Tibetan Healing Retreat focuses more on relieving stress with everyday Meditation & Tibetan Yoga breathing to start well the day. The retreat begins with a 60-minute Wellness screening based on Tibetan knowledge of healing and includes a session with Tibetan sound healing and a Ku nye massage using Hor-Me, tiny warm herbal poultices. The last day is a Tsalung therapy that restores the subtle wind and energy flow system and brings the blocked channels back to normal function. The retreat is available to The Alpina Gstaad's guests all year round.

This three-day programme includes:

• Wellness Screening & Tibetan stress consultation, 60 min
• Daily Meditation & Tibetan Yoga Breathing, 60 min
• Six Senses Signature Massage «Tension Soother», 60 min
• Yoga Nidra session, 30 min
• Hor-me Therapy with Kunye Massage, 90 min
• Sound Healing session, 60 min
• Alchemy facial, 60 min
• Tibetan Tsalung Therapy, 60 min

For more information please contact our Six Senses Spa at or + 41 33 888 9898

Subject to availability.

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Tibetan Healing Retreat