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Responsible consumption & production

Zero Waste Philosophy

Following his passion for efficient kitchen management principles, our Executive Chef Martin Göschel has brought to new life into his cuisine by introducing the Zero-Waste philosophy. Very little goes to waste in his kitchen, not even droopy lettuce – instead of landing in the bin, these are used to make a refreshing pesto. To sum it up, for those surplus products that would otherwise go to waste, the team create new, delicious meals for our four restaurants.
These dishes raise awareness about food waste in a creative way - the new recipe of the Zero Waste Pasta (Summer 2020) uses left-over rye bread used for breakfast to make homemade casarecce pasta, while the Zero Waste Pizza (Winter 2021) uses the same ingredients and principles, however creating the pizza dough. The funds generated through the sales of the Zero Waste Pizza, amounting to CHF 10'000, were donated to Smiling Gecko, aid project that is breaking new ground in Cambodia.

Vegan dishes

Tasty vegan alternatives remain a viable option for many visiting guests who can indulge in such delicious meals at our Alpina Lounge & Bar, while more elaborate vegan gourmet dishes can be savoured at Sommet.
For these menus, we have partnered in Winter 2019/20 with creative start-ups such as New Roots and Planted which continue re-thinking the future of food. More information about these friends of ours may be found on the menus directly and also on our hotel app.

Partnerships ID Watch & SEP

As a space that finds life and meaning through purposeful collaborations with like-minded friends and partners, The Alpina Gstaad aspires to be a global platform for change. In August 2021, we joined forces with the most eco-innovative watch brand on the market - ID Genève, whose watches are made from 100% recycled steel - taken from surplus produced by watchmaking companies in Jura. Its carbon footprint is 10 times lower than the industry standard. The straps are made from carbon neutral, vegetal compost. ID Genève uses 100% compostable packaging and upcycled mechanical movements. Production methods are local and transparent, entirely based on circular economy.

Since summer of 2020 and each of the following seasons, we have been hosting our friends SEP in our space here at The Alpina Gstaad. This partnership further demonstrates the hotel’s commitment to philanthropy, sustainability and social impact. SEP - a luxury lifestyle brand and social enterprise, enabling guests to purchase from a fashion and lifestyle collection with a social conscience. Supporting employment over charity, empowerment over dependence on aid, and pride and self-confidence as opposed to depression, SEP brings thousands of refugees above the poverty line through training and work. The fashion and lifestyle apparel created and distributed by them, supports the underprivileged community of over 50,000 refugees.

The Alpina Beehives

Since 2016, The Alpina Gstaad has been producing its own honey together with the organisation Citizen Bees with 5 beehives located on the hotel grounds. By 2019, we had changed our partner to a local beekeeper and honey producer Stefan Neuhaus. The honey produced by 4 beehives on the hotel grounds is used in the kitchen for different dishes, on our breakfast buffet, but also for sale.

More about our Alpina bees

2021 | first bees farmed off-site using the Golden Ratio method 
2020 | 2 new beehives added, making a total of 6 beehives
2019 | 4 new beehives cared by local producer Stefan Neuhaus replacing the old once
2016 | 5 beehives were placed by citizenbees

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Responsible consumption & production