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Holistic Anti-Aging Programme

09 June - 22 September 2019

Celebrate outer beauty, enhance your inner beauty and thrive on brain beauty:

We’re living longer but not necessarily healthier. The Holistic Anti-Aging Programme combines scientific advances in nutrition, fitness and neuroscience with ancient wisdom from long-lived communities to achieve a healthy, balanced body and mind.By understanding that outer beauty comes from a healthy body and happy mind, we can help you overcome lifestyle-related aging effects and extend your health span through a range of personalized programs. Embark on a holistic journey to a more vibrant and wholesome you. Look at yourself in a new light, appreciate and celebrate your own beauty and acquire invaluable tips and tools from some of the world’s leading experts in the field.

The three-, five- and seven-night program includes one-time or multiple sessions of the following:

• Wellness Screening (30 min)
• Personal Consultation (30 min)
• Skin analysis (30 min)
• Group wellness activities and workshops
• Hydrotherapy experiences
• Program wrap up with HAAC ambassador (30 min)
• Private fitness training, hiking, Pilates or yoga (60 min)
• Compression boots recovery session (30 min)
• Forest bathing
• Private meditation or Pranayama (30 min)
• Body treatment (90 min)
• Colonic Cleansing (60 min)
• Colonic Rejuvenation (120 min)
• Facial (cleansing, restoring, nourishing) (60 or 90 min
• A body detox treatment, 60 or 90 mins
• Hot Stone Massage, 90 mins
• Full board

All programs also include:

• Welcome bag
• Blue light blocking sunglasses
• Supplements

3-nights package from CHF 4'900.00 in a Deluxe Room Schönried, in single-occupancy.
3-nights package from CHF 7'340.00 in a Deluxe Room Schönried, in double occupancy.

5-nights package from CHF 7'850.00 in a Deluxe Room Schönried, in single-occupancy.
5-nights package from CHF 12'240.00 in a Deluxe Room Schönried, in double occupancy.

For more information please contact our Six Senses Spa at or + 41 33 888 9898

Subject to availability.

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Holistic Anti-Aging Programme