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Forest Healing Journey

03 July - 13 September 2020

A combination of ancient Tibetan medicine, Tantric and shamanic healing practices. We start with a 2-hour mountain walk focused on Shamanic and healing practices.

Is this journey right for you?

Open minded people and those interested in traditional healing and meditation through nature.


• Reduces stress
• Energy cleansing
• Clears the mind
• Increases positive mental and physical energy
• Opportunity to spend time in nature

Practices during the forest walk:

• Air: Tibetan healing breathing exercises
• Wood: Making pine moxa sticks, tree gazing and communication
• Water: Mantra healing on water, river water meditation, touching water experience
• Fire: Exercises with the sun, sun gazing
• Space: Open sky meditation
• Stone: Find river stones for healing (cold stone, hot stone), stone building meditation
• Touch: Plants fomentation: Achillea millefolium aids the healing process, in case of injury
• Earth: Create a spiritual earth flower (White Time), Seeds on fingers reflexology points (Sutzok therapy)
• Wind: Mindfulness with natural sounds


3-nights package from CHF 2'980 in a Deluxe Room Schönried with breakfast, in single-occupancy.

For more information please contact our Six Senses Spa at or + 41 33 888 9898

Subject to availability.

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Forest Healing Journey