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Energy Sound Healing Retreat

03 July - 13 September 2020

Our new Energy Sound Healing Retreat is a two-day program designed to induce relaxation, calm stress, revitalise energy and provide mental clarity. Beginning with a Wellness Screening where over 40 biomarkers tell us your needs and allow us to personalize the retreat.
Balance and stress relief can be achieved through Reiki and sound healing. Bathing in the sounds and vibrations of a gong, singing bowls and tuning forks, bring balance to your physical and emotional being.
In addition, experience a Kundalini Back Treatment which uses soothing and restorative ancient massage techniques to release the dormant energy at the base of the spine. These sessions are complemented with yoga, breathing and meditation as well as our Amethyst Wrap.

Is this program right for you?

Ideal for anyone looking for stress relief, relaxation and balance.


• Calmer mind
• Reduced stress level
• More positive outlook
• Tension release
• Improved self-awareness

This two-days programme includes:

• 1x Wellness Screening (30 min)
• Daily Yoga and Breathing (30 min)
• 1x Kundalini back treatment (60 min)
• 1x Sound Healing (60 min)
• Daily Breathing & Meditation (30 min)
• 1x Amethyst Body Wrap (90 min)
• 1x Energy Healing / Reiki (60 min)

3-nights package from CHF 2'655 in a Deluxe Room Schönried with breakfast, in single-occupancy.

For more information please contact our Six Senses Spa at or + 41 33 888 9898

Subject to availability.

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Energy Sound Healing Retreat