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The Alpina Granola Bars

In 2022 Swiss breweries poured out alone 3.68 million *hectolitres of beer for consumption. Through crafting, flavoursome beer brands such as the Simmentaler Bier, produce a great deal of brewer’s spent grain (draff). Instead of tossing this into the bin, re-purposing this became a quest for The Alpina Gstaad and the regional producers at Simmentaler Bier.
While the sugars are consumed by yeast and their value from a beer-production perspective has run its course, spent has an oatmeal-like consistency which makes it an alternative to grain for several home-made recipes. Many local brewers already cultivate relationships with local farmers who use spent as livestock feed or for composting. Before you run to your local brewery and request to have your mindful portion of spent for domestic use, there are strict health and safety considerations to evaulate.
With values deep rooted in promoting local and regional raw products, Simmentaler Bier has vowed to maintain transparency in the production methods of their delicious beers – from the extraction of raw materials, delivery, to the management of surplus that comes with the process. You can literally taste the love and effort put into their beers. This is the same passion that is shared with The Alpina Gstaad in the design and creation of these crunchy granola bars available for the winter season. 

*100 litres = 1 hectolitre (source: Swiss Brewery Association, Schweizer Brauerei-Verband)

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