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Switzerland’s largest collection

Deemed as one of the most mysterious spirits worldwide, whisky is on the upswing. Japanese whisky (mostly without the “e”) has seen a surge of its own in this highly diversified landscape.

Whisky connoisseurs are invited to prolong their modern Japanese dining experience and imbibe at the Japanese Whisky Bar, Switzerland’s largest collection. Featuring a rich selection of exclusive whiskies from over 15 distilleries in 12 Prefectures, this intimate space offers an array of light-bodied delicate whiskies with complexity in their bouquets, such as the Nikka Coffey Malt. The medium-bodied Single Malt Yoichi offers more depth compared to its lighter peers, with smokey and nutty accents that provide a more complex taste while maintaining a softer drinking experience. Likes of the single malt Yamazaki Mizunara 18 years 2017, full-bodied whiskies are marked by notable aromas, deep oaky flavours along with a robustness derived from the aging process in the wooden barrels  an overall longer lingering feeling of warmth on the palate.


The Japanese Whisky Bar at Megu is the perfect place for a dinner prelude or an elegant conclusion to a night out.

For reservations, please contact our restaurant hosts on: or +41 33 888 98 66.


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