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Sleep & Wellbeing Tips by Antonis Sarris

For those who are not yet able to experience the Alpina Sleep Suite, Six Senses Spa Gstaad head therapist Antonis Sarris is sharing his everyday practical tips for those who care for wellbeing and sleep, with the will to profoundly regenerate from within.


30-minute daily mindful walks in nature in the morning or in the evening; alternatively practice Yoga, Tai Chi or Pilates for the same duration

Before bed, practice diaphragmatic breathing and meditate on a small white light in the navel (chakra) in the evening for 10 -15 minutes

Enjoy a body and head massage with oil or self-massage shoulders, especially head and ears

Enjoy a protein-rich dinner with tryptophan - an important hormone for sleep found in both eggs and turkey. Bone broths help to balance the wind element in Tibetan Medicine and calm the central nervous system.

Avoid coffee, strong tea and alcohol consumption near sleeping hours

Keep a steady sleeping schedule,ideally of 7.5 hours (not more) every day, even during the holidays

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