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We all agree that over the last period, we are all deserving of a good night’s rest. With our overall holistic approach to health, sleep wellbeing is an aspect that we are addressing this summer at The Alpina Gstaad. With our fast-paced environments and hectic lifestyles caused by stress and anxiety, it is reported that one in every three people are suffering from sleep difficulties, including insomnia and sleep apnea.

As a refuge that offers rest and relaxation, we have called on our sleep technology experts FreshBed to help us craft the ideal The Alpina Gstaad Sleep Experience. The FreshBed is designed to regulate the skin temperature that allows the body to both rest and achieve a deeper state of sleep over a longer period of time. Both the bed and duvet use the temperature control system.

The quest to achieving a more restorative night’s sleep goes a long way. Not only do our air filtering plants adorn your Sleep Suite, but a purified airflow is guaranteed with our green plants such as the dragon tree, Monstera Deliciosa or the classic orchid that improve the overall air quality.
Upon arrival, guests can look forward to a personalized Six Senses Spa sleep consultation within the comfort of the Sleep Suite – based on your sleep wellbeing needs, our therapists advise on the best therapeutic remedies to enhance your ideal sleep. Enjoy a guided body balance treatment together with our therapist that helps to control your breath, while incorporating elements of Tai Chi and Pilates. Transform your room into a wellness oasis with essential oils that have been specially blended to offer a relaxed olfactory experience. Our provided CBD oil can aid the regulation of your sleep patterns. Those wishing to relax a busy mind can also utilize the hotel sponsored app with calming 3D sounds and binaural beats.

Our The Alpina Sleep Suite can be reserved upon availability and with room reservations. Kindly see current program here in the specials.

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