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Our Executive Chef Martin Göschel

Martin Göschel has been offering his raffinate cuisine at the Alpina Gstaad since 2017. Head of the four restaurants part of the hotel, he leads a team of 30 cooks that delight the palates of guests every day.

His work was rewarded with 18 GaultMillau points and one Michelin star. His culinary philosophy is characterized by a Francophile essence, enriched by the region's natural surroundings while being influenced by his numerous trips to Asia and South America.

New menu with Swiss proteins

With his signature restaurant Sommet by Martin Göschel, he goes a step further and puts the spotlight on Swiss proteins exclusively, with a new menu available as of September 2023.

With the pristine natural Swiss Alps and Prealps as a playground, The Alpina Gstaad is lucky to be surrounded by exceptional biodiversity.

Blessed by a mild summer climate and the varied altitudes of the mountains, the region is gifted with fertile terrain that yields aromatic wild herbs, flowers, and flavourful vegetables – essential elements of Martin Göschel’s culinary identity. The lush pastures are the nurturing cradle of talented breeders, providing our kitchen with eggs, cheese, dairy and meat products of unparalleled quality and taste. Switzerland's abundance of glaciers, rivers and lakes, has established it as a haven for freshwater fishes, sublimed into various culinary creations throughout the seasons.

With the insatiable curiosity of the Chef and the robust sustainability commitment of The Alpina Gstaad, avenues to a more conscious cuisine are consistently been explored. For this new menu, Martin Göschel invested significant time in carefully selecting dedicated local and regional producers, farmers, breeders, and harvesters. Additionally, he explored different parts of Switzerland to source the finest and most surprising ingredients.

Martin Göschel feel immensely honoured to pay homage to Switzerland’s culinary heritage, celebrating their unwavering dedication and innovation by using exclusively Helvetian proteins. 


Zero Waste Philosophy

Martin Göschel is also strongly committed to limiting food waste and started various initiatives following the Zero Waste philosophy.

Almost nothing goes to waste in his kitchen. Instead of discarding droopy lettuce, it will be transformed into a refreshing pesto. In essence, any surplus ingredients that would typically be thrown away find a new life as delectable dishes across the four restaurants. Another example is the Zero Waste Pasta recipe that ingeniously repurposes leftover rye bread from breakfast to crafted homemade casarecce pasta. This summer, Martin Göschel has also started producing his new granola bars, crafted with draff from a regional brewery.

In addition to these unique recipes, Martin Göschel offers Offcut Cooking Workshop to share his tips to apply his low-waste philosophy. And during the winter season, you will find him on the slopes in Gstaad with his Offcut food truck, where he presents new creations made of the leftover from the hotel.

Martin Göschel is also applying this philosophy in kitchen management. He has equipped it with multi-usage plastic containers that replace vacuum machines. This way, food can be kept safely while removing single-use plastic, which saves more than 2 tonnes of waste per year.

Moreover, the high-quality food waste that cannot be repurposed is being picked up on calls only. This reduces trips for collection – and thus CO2 emissions – by 90%. The waste is then being incorporated into biogas plants that create electricity and produce fertilizer.

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