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Local awareness

Creating an understanding within the local community

Clean-Up Day

In October 2021, we organized the first Clean Up Day with the John F. Kennedy private school in Gstaad. This is a project aims for the good of the community of Saanen and raising awareness among our future guests. The children cleaned up a total of 2.3kg of waste in the Alpina forest. They separated the waste with our EarthCheck Coordinator - more than half of it, was recycled at our in-house recycling center and also with the help of Sammelsack. These efforts resulted in a half page article in the local newspaper. The Alpina Gstaad sponsored a snack for the participating children, and it was a success for all involved parties.

Impact Gstaad

The Impact Gstaad Association aims to have a measurable impact on the sustainability strategy of the destination of Gstaad through its projects and, as an ambitious impact investing hub, to bring together influential locals and guests with sustainability visionaries.


We partake in an initiative of the local cable car company. Our guests have the possibility to donate their usual deposit of ski passes (CHF 5) for the compensation of CO2 instead. The Swiss company Climeworks uses this contribution to filter 5kg of CO2 from the air and either store it permanently underground or invest it in the further processing of CO2-neutral fuels and materials.


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