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Combat fear, anxiety and depression

Self care is self love. Our Head Therapist Antonis Sarris suggests effective ways to deal with unwanted negative influences that lead to a weakened immune system and imbalance of the body rhythm. Regain control over your senses and awaken.

Interview with Head Therapist Antonis Sarris of Six Senses Spa Gstaad


Antonis, how are you currently taking care of your mind and body at home?
The most important thing for me is to keep a daily routine.
Like many, my routine involves ordinary tasks such as shopping, cooking, washing, cleaning, working with ideas and projects. In addition, it also involves daily practices of meditation, some Pilates and tai chi training, reading books and practicing relaxation techniques. I try to sleep at the same times every day for 7½ hours, trying to eat healthy, fresh vegetables when possible and I avoid eating a lot of milk products. I try to keep away from bread as well as over-fried food or sitting in front of the computer for too long. Whenever possible, I nourish my body with the sun and fresh air.


What is an effective way to move your body and exercise at home (without equipment)?
I would suggest following some yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi online trainings. Simple postures practiced at home can go a long way. If you can, running is a great way to exercise your whole body.


Which methods can help me get rid of anxiety or worry?
These are mainly symptoms of Wind Disorder as known in Tibetan Medicine. The characteristics are subtle, light, cold, rough and dry, it is best to use the opposite conditions of these to pacify our lifestyle.
Cooking and eating warm nutritious foods like soups with spices like nutmeg, Asafoetida and ginger are beneficial. It is advisable to avoid too dark or too bright places, but rather surrounds yourself with a warm and cosy atmosphere that make you feel good and welcomed. Try to avoid negative energies from people, massage with warm oil on body and head, take warm herbal baths and put on some nice music and scents. Doing short meditations like Tai Chi or Yoga will also help.


I have never meditated before, is it possible to start on my own?
It should be done progressively, just a few minutes every day in the beginning, maybe just 5 minutes to start with and later, the more comfortable you are feeling sitting there, more time can be added. Ideally you could reach the point of meditating for 20 minutes during the day and night. Important is to sit with your back upright, chin to your chest or on the floor with crossed legs or just on a chair with your feet flat on the floor.
You can start by focusing at your breathing, can also count to 21 breaths and then start again, or just focus on a point in the distance in front of your nose with half-closed eyes and just monitor your thoughts passing by without judgment. When you realise that you are thinking, go back to your point of concentration.


How is it possible to mediate at home with other people around me?
Choose a quiet nice little corner that make you feel protected and does not interfere with daily activities of others in the house. Pick the time that you practice daily (eg. 5 min. at 8 am/pm). Ask from your roommates and family to respect this set-up and not to interrupt you. With time it will become your sacred place and time which you will truly appreciate, and everybody will surely respect that.


I have trouble sleeping, how am I able to prepare myself before going to bed to avoid this?
Try to sleep rather early, sleep the same time everyday even on holidays. Doctors say that 7½ hours is the perfect duration to sleep. Avoid sleeping during the day and if you don’t sleep well one night, fast the morning until after midday and then sleep at your proper time in the evening. Have a warm bath in the evening.
Start preparing you sleep from midday. Try eating lighter dinners and choose foods that are abundant in L-Triptophan, a protein that that helps the body produce melatonin. Examples among others include poultry, non-fatty fish, all leafy greens, chicory, okra, broccoli rabe, asparagus, green tea before midday, radish walnuts, papaya, banana, sweet potato, spirulina, tahini, chamomile and lavender.


Is there music or sound healing tunes you can recommend for at home?
Various forms relaxation music, mantras, Tibetan singing bowls and a variety of binaural beats can help you stimulate new neural pathways between left and right brain hemispheres for improved whole brain functioning.


What is the best way to unite mind, body and spirit at home?
Being present 100% at anything you do, from cleaning potatoes, washing hands, cooking or even being attentive to your body feelings, including experiencing fear.


Personal question, what are your currently reading?
Currently I have a new baby called Nutrient Power (Heal your biochemistry and heal your brain) by Dr W. Walsch.


Is that the secret to remain sane?
The secret to remaining sane is the understanding that our ego is not the most important thing in life, instead we should show more compassion, care and appreciation to life around us people, animals and nature. Simple, isn’t it?


It sure sounds like it! Thank you for your time Antonis. Next time, you will be my personal coach - see you at the Spa.


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