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Circular Watchmaking

Sustainable, recycled and zero waste

The most eco-innovative on the market, ID Genève watches are made from 100% recycled steel - taken from surplus produced by watchmaking companies in Jura. Its carbon footprint is 10 times lower than the industry standard. The straps are made from carbon neutral, vegetal compost. ID Genève uses 100% compostable packaging and upcycled mechanical movements. Production methods are local and transparent, entirely based on sustainable development.
The brand’s credentials are a perfect match for The Alpina Gstaad, a hotel that’s committed to sustainable practice, and inspiring its guests with exclusive experiences connected to social impact and awareness.
“By using 100% recycled and recyclable materials in our first collection, we want the Swiss watchmaking industry to play an active role in the ecological transition,” says Nicolas Freudiger, co-founder of ID Genève. ID Genève is the first watch labelled Circular Swiss Made, whereby all the components are sourced from the circular economy.

ID Genève presented their world of sustainable watchmaking in a pop up of Summer 2021.

Founded in Geneva in 2020, ID is the first watch brand where the production chain is entirely based on sustainable development. Its steel comes from the surplus produced by watchmaking companies in the Jura region, it is the world’s first watchcase to be 100% recycled. The carbon footprint of this steel is 10 times lower than new steel. In addition, the watch straps are made out of wine residue and vegetal compost. ID Genève is currently nominated in the Design Prize Switzerland as a finalist in the category “going circular economy”.

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