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Awarness-raising events

Through various events at the hotel, The Alpina Gstaad aims to raise awareness on some of the world’s most pressing and stigmatized issues in an educating, engaging and collaborative manner.

February 2020 | Our Blood

The Alpina Gstaad hosted the debut of a major public artwork by Marc Quinn, «Our Blood». It is a not-for-profit sculpture, made with refugees and non-refugees, which was launched on the steps of the New York Public Library in 2022. Quinn created series of sculptures titled 100 heads as part of funding of the Our Blood project intended to help refugees, by raising awareness of the ongoing global refugee crisis and raising millions of dollars for refugees around the world.

September 2019 | Less Saves The Planet

Together with the organisation Less Saves the Planet, The Alpina Gstaad organized a private event inviting some of the leaders in mindful dining to hold a series a presentations shedding light on resource-saving mechanisms to grow and produce food.


June 2019 | Life Below Water

Through a series of intimate conversations, the hotel showcased forward-thinking ocean conservation projects that created a unique experience for guests to immerse themselves in the importance of the 14th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), «Life Below Water».


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